10 Official Websites of Indian Celebs

 Hounded by the court and media for his hit-and-run incident a decade ago, Salman Khan decided to let the public know the true, untarnished facts and put up a website to do so. While this might not be a glamorous website, many celebs do have their own pers
1. Amitabh Bachchan

Big B’s official blog srbachchan.tumblr.com has almost 6 million likes and is updated almost daily. His blog is a platform for his inner thoughts, his views on the latest happenings and pictures he clicked or he likes. This Indian celeb’s latest post was about the Uttarakhand devastation – and undoubtedly, enjoys a huge fan following online as well.
2. Salman Khan

This has come across as a last-ditch attempt by Salman Khan to salvage his personal and professional image. A stark website with a white background which has the appearance of a blog – www.salmankhanfiles.com contains all the recent news, archives, updates and status of his criminal proceedings told from his point of view.
3. Mallika Sherawat

The official website of the actress www.mallikasherawatwow.com is a beautiful one – with a dominant dual tone of chocolate brown and white. Mallika’s fans will find everything about her in this website –from biography and trivia to wallpapers, magazine covers and of course, her latest news.
4. APJ Kalam
Scientist and former president, Avul Pakir Jainulabdeen Abdul Kalam’s website is not glam – but contains a lot of information about his motivational speeches, latest addresses, Vision 2020 Missions and also e-papers. There is also a link to send a personal e-mail to the visionary.
5. AR Rahman

The musician’s official website www.arrahman.com is a simple yet glam one, done in white and shades of blue. The start page has AR Rahman holding a flag, and once you enter the site, you can find everything on him – from his recent music releases to his upcoming projects. You can also listen to his compositions online or even download his songs.
6. Shilpa Shetty
With a color scheme of orange and black on a white background, Shilpa Shetty’s personal website www.shilpashettylive.com is as glamorous as the actress. This Indian celeb latest movie ‘Desire – The Journey of a Woman’ is featured in the website and you can check out her products, her personal message and even write to her on this site.
7. MS Dhoni
The Indian cricket captain’s website www.dhoniworld.com is a treasure for the cricket buff and his fans – a veritable goldmine of all the latest news and upcoming events, video and photo gallery and match highlights. Unfortunately, Dhoni’s website does not seem to have been updated for over a year now.
8. Aamir Khan
Another website that seems to have been highly inactive is Aamir Khan’s personal blog at www.aamirkhan.com. His last sign-off message was on May 28, 2011 – and has not been around since then, which is a tragedy – because he gives his readers tidbits of his world without waxing eloquent.
9. Celina Jaitly

Undoubtedly the most beautiful official website on this Indian celeb list is that of Celina Jaitly (www.celinajaitlyofficial.com). It has a background of Persian orange broad brush strokes with some of her sketches thrown in. After she got married and became a mom, an interesting addition to the site is ‘CJay Baby Talk’ where she invites parents of twins to share their thoughts with her.
10. Ajay Devgn
The ‘Himmatwala’ star’s website’s color scheme is dominated by black and again, does not seem to have been updated after the release of the movie. And the link to the curiously titled ‘My Diary’ is dead. But all in all, www.ajaydevgn.com does have the usual fare of the latest news, photo gallery and filmography of the actor. Everyone wants a piece of their favorite filmstar, sportsperson or musician – these websites personally overseen by them let you fulfill that craving.

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