Himayat Sagar Lake and the Hussain Sagar Lake

The Himayat Sagar lake is one of the beautiful lakes dotting the Hyderabad region. Himayat Sagar lake makes for an ideal weekend picnic spot.

Himayat Sagar and Hussain Sagar Lake are both man-made lakes which are often clubbed in all trips to Hyderabad. The Himayat Sagar Lake offers the visitors peace and tranquility at a short distance from the busy city of Hyderabad. It is best visited around sunset when the waters and the rays of the sun dipping at the horizon bring out a beautiful hue. Hussain Sagar Lake on the other hand with a gigantic statue of Lord Buddha (The Awakened One) at the center is situated in the main city itself. Night time view of the lake is a must-have experience for anyone visiting the city.

Himayat Sagar lake is 20 kilometers distant from Hyderabad city. Himayat Sagar lake lies parallel to another lake-Osman Sagar. Himayat Sagar lake is the smaller lake of the two. Himayat Sagar lake is named after Himayat Ali Khan.

Himayat Ali Khan was the youngest son of the 7th Nizam of Hyderabad. The grassy area encircling the lake makes it an ideal picnic spot.

The origin of Himayat Sagar lake at Hyderabad is purely due to practical man made causes. The Deccan region-where the city of Hyderabad lies- receives seasonal rainfall during the monsoons. The region receives minimal rainfall during the rest of the year.

Maximum rainfall occurs during the time of the Indian monsoons. This yearly precipitation occurs during the months which extends from June to September. The primary purpose of Himayat Sagar lake is to impound and store rainwater to cover the liquid requirement for the rest of the year.

Himayat Sagar lake of Hyderabad provides drinking water and meets irrigation water requirements in the region. Himayat Sagar lake in Hyderabad also serves another secondary function- the lake recharges the groundwater level in the immediate geological area.

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