The Amazing Pushkar Fair In Rajasthan

Indias' largest cattle fair, Pushkar mela, is a camel and livestock fair celebrated every year at Pushkar in Rajasthan. The five-day fair commenced on October 31 and ended on November 6, 2014. It is a captivating and unexpected glimpse of an old traditional-style Indian festival.

Pushkar Fair is one of the worlds' largest camel fairs which not only witnesses the trade of of livestock but has also become one of the most important tourist attractions in Rajasthan. An impressive and decorated 50 thousand camels are displayed in Pushkar, raced and traded during this fair every year. The reason for the attraction of tourists in the fair are competitions like “matka phod”, “bridal competition” and “longest mustache”.

The main aim of this fair is to accelerate the trade of livestock, which includes camels, sheep, cows and goats amongst the local people. This fair was initiated by local cattle traders to do business, but is now Indias' largest cattle fair which attracts large number of tourists.

The main attractions of the fair

Camel Race

A traditional camel race is the first event in the Pushkar. In this event more than 50,000 camels are raced to the finish line before the music stops. Though the main purpose of the fair is to trade camels, this event attracts foreign as well as Indian tourists.


One of the most important events during the fair is Gorband. Here the camels are decorated in Rajasthani attire and with colorful bridles. The hair of the camels is shaved into various designs, cut and tied so that the camel looks beautiful. Every year dozens of camels take part in this event.

Horse and Camel Dance

The Pushkar Fair is incomplete without the Horse and Camel Dance event. In this event, most of the traders take part with their horses and camels. All the participants in this event dress in colorful costumes and perform a dance with their animals to music.

Kabaddi Match

A contact sport, kabaddi a south Indian sport, is also one of the main attractions of the fair. The match takes place between locals verses foreign tourists and the wining team gets the trophy.

Turban Competition

In Rajasthan the turban is popularly known as a ‘pagri’, a symbol of pride, honour, equality and respect. Usually, this event is organized for foreign tourists. In this competition, foreigners have to tie a turban in a minimum period of time. This particular event symbolizes the rich culture of Rajasthan.

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